Platform 7 in Upminster

Situated in a perfect position next to Upminster Train Station, Platform 7 is a great place to party your way through the night or simply chill out during the day. RM Magazine was invited down to sample the night life and to see what Platform 7 has to offer.

Platform 7 is placed in a great position and after jumping off the train at Upminster Station it was a pleasant surprise not to have to grab a cab to get to our destination. Within a few simple steps we were already there. The location of the bar makes it a great place for after work drinks, and being a frequent user of Upminster Train Station, the bar is often heaving as I walk past. Tonight was no different. Before we had even entered, swarms of people were flocking, all looking for a great night.

As soon as we stepped inside it was easy to see why it was so busy. The music was pumping, drinks were flowing and everyone was lapping up the high energy atmosphere. The DJ was blasting out some great tunes and to top it off, we were treated like VIPs all night – and you can be too! Table service is on offer and tabs can be opened to ensure you get the best out of your night, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want that!

Platform 7 also offers a great array of drinks and is a glamourous venue to enjoy cocktails. With an illustrious selection of spirits, wines, champagnes and beers, there is a tipple for everyone. You can even opt for their drinks packages where you can purchase bronze, silver, gold or platinum options, all including bottles of spirits and wines.

But Platform 7 doesn’t just offer a great night out; it also offers fantastic food and drinks during the day. Serving Paddy and Scott’s coffee, you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying smoothies, milkshakes, cakes and fruit teas. Breakfast is also available with a choice of Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Cumberland Sausage, a Bacon Buttie and Morning Pastries.

If you are after a bigger feast, you can opt for the bar food or lunch menu, which include sandwiches, soup, rustic breads, Pom Adoro and Aglio (hand stretch pizza breads). Plus you can even get your beloved Sunday roast at a pocket friendly price of £7.95.

We left the venue with wobbles in our steps and smiles on our faces (all signs of a good night out!), with the definite intention of returning soon. If it’s a great night out you’re after, with fine drinks and good company, Platform 7 offers a smart, sophisticated atmosphere with a base line pumping vibe that everyone’s after. So, we urge all you party lovers to give it a try. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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